History of IMG

In the Beginning

Every great company has an interesting story - decisions made along the way that shaped it and determined its course. IMG is no different in that regard. Its story actually began with the success of a separate company - the Brougher Insurance Group, Inc. (BIGI). By the 1980s, BIGI had grown to be one of the nation’s largest writers of medical stop loss insurance for self-funded medical plans. That company, owned and operated by Jeff Brougher and his family, was purchased in 1989 by WASA Group of Sweden.

As part of that purchase agreement, Jeff Brougher, believing there was a wealth of untapped opportunity in the international market, negotiated to retain IMG, which had functioned as a research and development unit of the Brougher Insurance Group. Through his insight, Jeff Brougher established the International Medical Group in January 1990 to meet these global needs.

Laying the Foundation

In January 1990, IMG opened its doors in Indianapolis, Indiana, as an independent company that served as managing underwriter, marketing and administrative support. IMG immediately began offering health, life, travel and indemnity insurance to the international community.

Since its inception, IMG has been dedicated to providing quality products that are producer friendly, meet administrative standards and are simply underwritten. In order to fulfill these goals, the leadership realized that a new kind of company was called for - one that offered a full range of products so that it functioned as its producers’ single resource for international travel insurance. The company also needed to be flexible in its offerings, that producers could call and get any type of insurance product that was needed. Insurance tailored to meet the needs of real people, not the other way around.

Building Excellence

IMG developed rapidly during the 1990s. Employing only a handful of people in the beginning, the professional staff began offering products and servicing them in such a manner that the insurance community began to take notice. IMG’s speed-to-market response enabled it to gain a solid reputation and develop rapidly.

The company combined its commitment to superior customer service with its leading-edge technology to take advantage of the phenomenon in the 90s known as the World Wide Web. IMG became one of the first companies of its kind to develop a website where it posted its products, forms and producer-oriented services. By 2001, IMG was recognized by the Indiana Business Journal as one of the fastest-growing companies in Indiana. IMG Europe was founded in 2002 to provide support and assistance to European producers and members.

Teamwork and Technology

Teamwork and technology has always been at the forefront of IMG’s expertise, and it continues to be an unbeatable combination. IMG has developed several sophisticated administrative and claims tools over the years, such as MyIMGSM (an online service that allows clients 24-hour secure access to their accounts so they can conveniently manage administrative functions), and its use of ImageNow (a system that scans paper documents and transmits them electronically). These and other advanced technical services give IMG an amazing degree of flexibility that is unmatched by the competition.

Expanding through Subsidiaries

Over the years, it became apparent that the best way to handle the comprehensive range of products and services IMG offers is through the establishment of subsidiaries. Today, IMG has four subsidiaries: IMG-Stop Loss, iTravelInsured, Akeso Care Management, and IMG Europe. These companies serve as divisions of IMG and are located in a central facility to ensure seamless integration of services. Through its family of companies, IMG provides around-the-clock medical management services, trip cancellation programs, stop loss insurance to reduce employer risk, and an internationally based service center.

Large Company Resources, Small Company Attitude.


In over 20 years, IMG has grown to become a major administrator of international insurance products, having provided services to more than a million people in countries worldwide. It has developed an extensive product portfolio that can be tailored to meet every need - from a short international business meeting to missionaries living and working in distant corners of the globe.

As international travel needs continue to expand, so do IMG’s products and services. In 2008, IMG launched groundbreaking products both in the U.A.E. with Al Wathba National Insurance Company, and in China with Ping An P&C Insurance Company of China. In 2009, IMG and AAA Assurance Corporation of Vietnam signed a historic agreement where AAA will distribute certain IMG products to citizens of Vietnam. This agreement was the first between a U.S. Managing General Underwriter and a Vietnamese insurance company since the U.S. and Vietnam signed a trade agreement in 2001. Year by year, expanding globally, IMG is building on its solid reputation and delivering on its promise to provide Coverage Without Boundaries®.