Patriot Group Exchange Program

Conditions of Coverage

  1. Coverage and benefits are subject to the deductible and coinsurance, and all terms of the Certificate of Insurance and Master Policy.
  2. Coverage under this plan is secondary to any other coverage.
  3. Coverage and benefits are for medically necessary, usual, reasonable and customary charges only.
  4. Charges must be administered or ordered by a physician.
  5. Charges must be incurred during the Period of Coverage or the Benefit Period.
  6. Claims must be presented to IMG for payment within ninety (90) days from the date the claim was incurred.


The following conditions apply to all persons applying for and/or enrolling in a Patriot Group Exchange Program pan.

  • The group member must be actively engaged or participating in an educational or cultural exchange program in the country of assignment through a sponsoring organization or school.
  • Spouse and dependents can apply for coverage by themselves if they hold a J2 visa, and the J1 visa holder who is participating in the educational or cultural exchange program has purchased a plan through that program.
  • The group member and his/her traveling dependents must have legally departed the Home Country and entered the Host Country and must not be a citizen of the Host Country.

Renewal of Coverage

If the Short-Term plans are purchased for a minimum of one month, coverage may be renewed (without break in coverage) for a total of up to 48 months. Renewals may be completed by using a paper application. For information on the Long-Term Annual Plan, please contact your independent agent or International Medical Group.

  • Eligibility to purchase, extend or renew this product, or its terms and conditions, may be modified or amended based upon changes to applicable law, including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Quality Guarantee

The group’s satisfaction is very important to IMG. If the sponsoring organization or group is not pleased with this product for any reason, a written request may be submitted, prior to the effective date, for cancellation and refund of the premium. You may cancel the plan after the effective date, if the group does not have any claims filed with IMG, however, the following conditions will apply: 1) the group will be required to pay a $50 cancellation fee and 2) only full month premiums will be considered for refunds (e.g., if the group chooses to cancel coverage two months and two weeks prior to the date coverage ends, IMG will only consider the two full months for a refund). If anyone in the group has filed a claim, the premium is non-refundable.