Insurance for Mission Trips

Insurance for Missionaries and Mission Trips

These plans are designed to provide coverage for international missionaries and mission sending organizations. Short-term plans are available from five days to two years, and long-term plans are available on an annual basis. These plans are optimal for individual and group missionaries and mission sending organizations.

Outreach Travel Medical Insurance

Short-term travel medical insurance for individuals and groups of five or more.

Outreach Travel Medical InsuranceOutreach Group Travel Medical Insurance Brochure
  • Medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation benefits
  • Coverage for the sudden recurrence of pre-existing conditions
  • Group application charges the same daily rate for all ages
  • Trip cancellation coverage available as an optional purchase
Global Mission Medical Insurance

Long-term comprehensive medical plan for missionaries living abroad.

Global Mission Medical Insurance
  • Annually renewable major medical coverage
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Covered in U.S. on furlough up to 12 months
  • Wide range of benefits and plan designs
MP+ International Insurance

Group medical plan for mission sending organizations with missionaries residing and working abroad.

MP+ International Insurance
  • Comprehensive, employer sponsored group medical coverage
  • Continuous coverage overseas and while on furlough
  • Life and dental coverage available
  • Simplified underwriting for groups of 25+
  • Unique plan features that promote premium stability