CrewSelect International

International medical insurance for professional marine captains and crew members

Long-term coverage designed specifically for individual and group marine crew members. Two sub-plan options are available with an assortment of coverage. Both sub-plan options allow you to pre-designate one of three currencies for payment of premium and receipt of benefits.

The Standard sub-plan option fits the needs of the crew member who demands a full range of benefits. Its extensive benefits provide first-rate international medical coverage as well as aid in reducing out-of-pocket expenses. The Elite sub-plan option provides higher limits and enhanced benefits. Additionally, it provides dental care, normal pregnancy and delivery, and vision benefits. Simply choose the sub-plan option that best fits your needs. Each one offers a full range of benefits suited for individuals and groups, provides coverage 24 hours a day and you have the freedom to choose any hospital, doctor or clinic anywhere within your area of cover.

Additionally, you have access to more than 17,000 providers when seeking treatment outside the USA using our International Provider AccessSM (IPA). You can also reduce your out-of-pocket costs when seeking treatment in the USA by locating providers through the independent Preferred Provider Organisation.


  • Long-term (1+ year) extensive international medical coverage for professional marine captains and crew members
  • Deductible options from $0 to $2,500
  • Maximum limit up to $8,000,000
  • Premium and benefits paid in one of three currencies you select
  • Special Crew Member Return coverage

Made for...

  • Marine Captains / Crew
  • Employers / Business Travelers
  • Expats / Global Citizens

Coverage Information


CrewSelect International is available to individuals and groups of professional marine crew members of all nationalities. To be eligible for coverage you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must currently or usually work aboard or be employed by a vessel as a full-time, sea-going crew member for hire, who expects to spend a significant period of time during the Period of Insurance sailing outside of USA territorial waters in such capacity
  • You must be less than 75 years of age.
  • If you are not a USA citizen, you must provide a non-USA residence address or provide a signed Statement of Residence.
  • If you are a USA citizen, you must not qualify for or be able to obtain adequate coverage under a USA domestic insurance plan that will provide continuous coverage outside of the USA, and you must provide a signed Statement of Residence and an address of residence outside of the USA, if available.  

Renewal of Coverage

Subject to the terms of the plan, CrewSelect International is annually renewable and coverage is continuous when renewed. Prior to the end of each period of coverage (12 months) you will receive a renewal form. You must continue to meet the eligibility requirements in order to renew. There are no additional medical questions at renewal, and we can work with you to provide flexible renewable options. Please select your Excess carefully, as you will be unable to select a lower Excess when you renew your coverage.

Quality Guarantee

To ensure your satisfaction, once you are accepted in the plan, we provide a 15-day free look period to review the coverage. If during that 15-day period you find that you are not satisfied with the plan for any reason, you may submit a written request for cancellation and full refund of your premium received by IMG. See the Certificate Wording for full details.


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  • "Although one hopes never to use travel insurance, IMG was a godsend throughout our ordeal. We couldn’t have done it without your continued assistance."
    Joan D. United States
  • "I took comfort in the fact
    that IMG had my back."

    Mark K. - United States

    While skiing in Chile, Mark, an IMG member, found himself on the brink of paralysis.