Mission Trip Insurance Plans

Travel & Health Insurance Options for Missionaries

Reaching out and providing spiritual and physical support is your mission. To maximize the outreach experience and provide the security needed in adverse surroundings, IMG offers several international medical plans tailored to meet the needs of mission-sending organizations, churches and missionaries.

IMG wants to encourage your mission's success by providing comprehensive benefits, such as 24/7 assistance, emergency evacuations, repatriation, and trip cancellation protection.

You have enough to worry about when you're traveling. Don't let your medical coverage be an uncertainty. Learn more about IMG's plans for small or large mission groups, short or long term, and get Global Peace of Mind®.


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Why Do I Need Mission Trip Insurance?

It’s important to consider that your own domestic health insurance may not cover you outside of your home country. Depending on your destination, local medical facilities may require proof of insurance before they administer any treatment, or they may not have the resources to treat you properly, thus requiring a medical evacuation. While many churches and mission groups take care of a majority of the arrangements for your trip, you should make sure you understand the basics of your insurance plan before you leave. IMG has built trusted relationships with missionary organizations since 1990 and can offer you the protection you need.

How Much Does Mission Trip Insurance Cost?

Our short-term missionary insurance plans are designed for individuals and groups. These plans average around $2.00 per day for all ages (based on trip length and benefit levels). We also offer insurance options for long-term coverage ideal for career missionaries that vary in price depending on your age and health.

What types of trips qualify for Mission Insurance?

Faith Based

According to a Globus Religious Travel Study, over 16 million people plan on taking a religious-affiliated trip at some point in their life. Nearly half of them will book that trip through their church, which makes up the most common type of trip that qualifies for mission insurance: a short-term trip with a faith based group in effort to spread awareness.

Disaster Relief

Sometimes people are driven into action by the unexpected. Disaster relief trips are a great way to contribute to a time-sensitive cause that may hit close to home.

Social Good

For those seeking to help a cause without a religious affiliation, social good trips are an excellent choice. Social good trips may offer a vacation, while also including a rewarding volunteer experience. These trips are often available through non-profit organizations.

Other Types of Trips

Mission trips have evolved into many niches over the years, allowing you to find a trip that fits your needs. Some examples include gap year mission trips, adult mission trips, world races, and many more. 

What Does Mission Trip Insurance Cover?
Subject to certain policy limitations, our plans are designed to provide travelers with benefits including:

Trip Interruption

Provides coverage if you need to return home from your trip early due to covered reasons such as a death of an immediate family member.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

This benefit can provide cover for an emergency medical evacuation to the nearest qualified medical facility, expenses for transportation resulting from the evacuation, and the cost of returning the insured to either their home country or the country where the evacuation occurred.

Natural Disasters

Mother Nature has a mind of her own. This benefit can cover you if you are displaced due to an event such as an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami or tornado.

Emergency Illness or Injury

If you were to fall ill or injured during your mission trip, this benefit could help cover the expenses for medical care.

Leave Your Mark
IMG's Annual Global Outreach Contest

International Medical Group® (IMG®) has earned a reputation for excellence and dependability within the missionary community. Each year, IMG hosts an essay contest as our way of giving back. The global outreach essay contest offers mission organizations a chance to win $5,000. Get more information about the contest and read about last year’s winners here!

Recent Blog Articles

IMG’s Leave Your Mark Contest Winners

Oct 2, 2017, 09:30 AM by Alec Synnestvedt

International Medical Group® (IMG®) kicked off the Leave Your Mark essay contest on June 1, 2017, offering mission organizations the chance to win one of two $5,000 prizes to put toward their global outreach efforts.

To enter, each organization’s group administrator submitted a 500-word essay that answered the question: “If your organization were to win, what would be your human impact?”

After reviewing dozens of essays, our panel of third-party judges selected two winners: Friends Without A Border and New Life Children’s Home (NLCH)!

Friends Without A Border

Leave Your Mark Contest Winner

Friends Without A Border was founded in 1996 with a mission to provide compassionate medical care to children in Southeast Asia. Through its Lao Friends Hospital for Children (the only pediatric hospital in the region), the organization strives to improve and save children’s lives in the Luang Prabang province of Laos.

In its essay, Friends Without A Border detailed how it would use the $5,000 prize:

“In Laos, where one out of 15 children do not reach their first birthday and almost half suffer from stunted growth, a prize of $5,000 from International Medical Group could help us:

  • Cover the cost of 300-400 outpatient visits, including pharmacy prescriptions;
  • Adopt our operating theater for a full month, covering over 50 life-saving surgeries;
  • Sponsor one of our local junior nurses for a year, providing salary and ongoing training; or
  • Provide breastfeeding and nutrition support for up to 250 new mothers and their children at our neonatal unit.”

New Life Children’s Home

Leave Your Mark Contest Winners Staff

NLCH was founded in 1976 in Guatemala to help orphaned, abandoned and abused children find refuge. The organization explained in its essay that the $5,000 prize would help in three ways:

  • Allow the expansion of its Trauma Competent Care training for teachers at the school and its home staff;
  • Fund an additional psychologist to help children overcome the pain and trauma they have experienced;
  • Fund efforts to place children in healthy homes through a family reunification program and a foster family program.

Each Leave Your Mark essay was scored on a 100-point scale, allowing a maximum of 25 points for content (relevance of topic), passion (interest in helping others), human impact (social good for community) and completeness (level of detail).

“We are continually impressed and inspired by the work mission organizations do to serve communities across the globe,” said IMG President & CEO Brian Barwick. “I am proud to award the winners of our Leave Your Mark contest $5,000 to continue their admirable efforts. Their actions speak volumes, and we are confident that the prizes will go toward developing sustainable programs that will impact the health and lives of children long into the future.”

IMG has been insuring mission and social good organizations for more than 25 years, providing key benefits and support for thousands of members each year who travel or live internationally to serve others. We launched the Leave Your Mark essay contest as a way to give back to these organizations, and we look forward to sponsoring the contest again in the future.

Thank you to all who participated, and a special thanks to all mission organizations who are truly leaving their mark on communities worldwide.

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This is not an offer to enter into an insurance contract. This is only a summary and shall not bind the company or require the company to offer or write any insurance at any particular rate or to any particular group or individual. The information on this page does and will not affect, modify or supersede in any way the policy, certificate of insurance and governing policy documents (together the "Insurance Contract"). The actual rates and benefits are governed by the Insurance Contract and nothing else. Benefits are subject to exclusions and limitations.

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