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Even the most careful travelers aren't immune to car accidents, natural disasters, or political unrest, and other unforeseen events. Most travelers assume they will be covered by their existing medical insurance plan, but that just isn’t the case. While traditional plans may offer adequate domestic coverage, they are not designed for international travel. Your vacation can transform from delightful to dire if you are unprepared for a medical emergency while away from home.

Our vacation insurance plans are perfect for:

  • International vacationers and travelers
  • Cruises
  • Safaris & guided tours

Patriot International® provides coverage while traveling outside your home country where the destination excludes the United States or its territories (limited coverage for brief returns to the United States or its territories). Patriot America® provides coverage while traveling outside your home country where the destination includes the United States or its territories.


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Top 10 Tips for International Travelers by International Travelers - Guided Giveaway

Mar 23, 2017, 15:23 PM by Alec Synnestvedt

What’s the best advice for international travelers? Well, we asked and our Facebook followers answered! 

IMG held its Guided Giveaway essay contest March 6-10, seeking insight from fellow international travelers. Ten winners were selected for their answers, which were scored based on creativity, style, practicality and novelty. 

Next time you book an international trip, keep their tips in mind! 


Top Ten Tips for International Travelers

“When traveling to an international destination, consult with the embassy of the country you’re visiting to make sure you are aware of any concerns, and be updated on current vaccinations.” – Thomas G. 

“Always have a photocopy of important documents such as passports in case the original gets lost or stolen. It would make it easier to replace the original much faster when you go to your embassy as the photocopy will contain sufficient information.” -Jordan M. 

“When traveling internationally, make sure you have enough time between connections to ensure you make it to your next flight. Always go for 1 -2 hours of connection time. It will ensure you an easy flight!” – Luisa L. 

“You took time to plan the trip, now take a moment to plan for the unexpected. Never leave home without international medical coverage from IMG.” – Ingrid A. 

“A smile knows no language boundaries.” – Amy T.

“Go with a sense of adventure. Museums, churches and castles are fine to see but you won't get a real sense of the culture until you mix with the locals. Rent a car and drive through the countryside. Stay at local B&Bs and strike up conversations with people you meet. Travel is for making unique memories, not ticking off attractions in a travel guide.” – Cynthia C. 

“Be sure to get a credit card with no international fees. This can save you a bundle, and you will not have to carry as much cash. In addition, take a photocopy of your passport, and carry it separately, perhaps in your carry-on. If your passport is lost, it is much easier to get a replacement, in the event, God forbid, yours is lost or stolen.” – Lynne C. 

“When we went to Jamaica, I packed for every possible thing that could happen. My advice is to pack light because you will never need half of what you take, and buying clothing and souvenirs in another country is so much more fun and creates memories that last so much longer!  Less is more.” – Heidi K.

“Start your adventure with an open mind. Things may be very different than what you are used to at home — customs, food, manners, celebrations, money, bathrooms, hotel rooms, train travel and the like. This is your chance to try something new. Be kind, friendly and do your best to communicate and people will help you along the way. Enjoy the journey and you will come home a changed person with a new world view.” – Jennifer S. 

“The first thing I do when arriving at a hotel overseas is take a business card from the front desk. That way, if I ever get lost, I have the name and address of the hotel in the local language. Large populations around the world speak English, but having something in a local language that I can show locals and taxi drivers is an extra bit of insurance.” – Sandy K. 

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