Sky Rescue


Even the smallest disruption can be an emergency when you are abroad. You may lose your prescription medication and need a replacement, or maybe you are a victim of a “pick pocket” and your passport is stolen and you need assistance replacing it. IMG offers a complete arrangement of emergency travel assistance services so you can spend more time enjoying your international experience and spend less time worrying about your medical security.

  • Emergency Travel Arrangements - In the event you must return home or discontinue your trip as a result of an interruption in travel due to an illness of your spouse, child, parent, in-law, or grandparent, IMG will help you make the appropriate travel arrangements. You are responsible for the cost of the travel tickets.
  • Lost Passport/Travel Documents Assistance - IMG will help you report, retrieve or replace lost or stolen travel documents, such as your passport, credit cards and airline tickets.
  • Lost Luggage Assistance - IMG will assist you in communicating with the commercial carrier for the return of your lost luggage.
  • Embassy or Consulate Referral - IMG will inform you of the location and contact telephone numbers for the nearest embassy or consulate, no matter where you are.
  • Emergency Message Relay - IMG will receive or transmit emergency messages between you, your family and your employer.
  • Emergency Prescription Replacement - IMG will assist with the replacement of lost or damaged prescription medication. You are responsible for the cost of the actual medication and shipping costs (if any).
  • Medical Referral - If urgent medical advice or care is needed, IMG is prepared to refer you to the nearest appropriate care facility or provide a listing of available medical care to you. IMG will also help with obtaining an appointment with the medical care provider you have chosen.
  • 24-Hour Medical Monitoring - If you are hospitalized, IMG will provide medical professionals to communicate with your treating doctor(s) and help monitor your condition. IMG will also communicate with your family doctor as you direct.
  • Emergency Cash Transfer - IMG will help you transfer funds up to US$500, in the event of a medical or travel emergency.
  • Legal Referrals - IMG will provide you with a referral to the nearest attorney.
  • Emergency Translations - IMG will provide you with personal, emergency telephone translation services and referral to a local interpreter service should you require language assistance.