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Adventure Sports Travel Medical Insurance

Adventure Sports Insurance

Your heart’s pounding. Your cheeks are flush. The wild rush of adrenaline is pumping through your body at an uncontrollable pace. One minute you’re on the ground. The next minute you’re 1,000 feet above it – weightlessly gliding through the air.

Adventure sports are all the rage with those who are looking to experience an adrenaline rush during their international travels. With a vast range of different sports - from bungee jumping and heli-skiing to mountain biking and repelling - and the fascinating geographical locations on which to explore them, there is a little something for everyone. But such a rush could turn out to be costly unless you’re prepared for any emergencies.

Because of this, IMG offers an adventure sports plan to meet your needs. It’s an important element for you to pack as part of your trip abroad – whether you’re planning on mountain biking in the Alps, or you’re hang gliding through the Andes.

Adventure Sports Insurance 
Patriot Adventure

Designed for adventurous international travelers who intend to participate in the thrill of adventure sports and realize that their current medical plan does not cover certain hazardous sports and activities.

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