Global Crew Medical Insurance


Global Crew Medical Insurance is available to individuals and groups of professional marine crew members of all nationalities. To be eligible for coverage you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must currently or usually work aboard or be employed by a vessel as a full-time, sea-going crew member for hire, who expects to spend a significant period of time during the Period of Insurance sailing outside of U.S. territorial waters in such capacity.
  • You must be less than 75 years of age.
  • If you are a United States citizen, you must not qualify for or be able to obtain adequate coverage under a U.S. domestic insurance plan that will provide continuous coverage outside of the United States, and you must provide a signed Statement of Residence and an address of residence outside of the U.S., if available.

Renewal of Coverage

Subject to the terms of the plan, Global Crew Medical Insurance is annually renewable and coverage is continuous when renewed. Prior to the end of each period of coverage (12 months) you will receive a renewal form. You must continue to meet the eligibility requirements in order to renew. There are no additional medical questions at renewal, and we can work with you to provide flexible renewable options. Please select your deductible carefully, as you will be unable to select a lower deductible when you renew your coverage. Note: If you have reached part of your excess (deductible) during the last 30 days of your certifi cate year, we will carry over that portion you have met of your deductible to the next certifi cate year.

Quality Guarantee

We are confident that you will be pleased with the full terms of coverage.  To ensure your satisfaction, once you are accepted in the plan we provide a 15 day period to review the fulfillment kit contents.  If during that 15 day period you find that you are not satisfied with the plan for any reason, you may submit a written request for cancellation and full refund of your premium. See the Certificate of Insurance for full details.

Cancellation requests received after this 15 day period will be granted at the sole discretion of IMG as the plan administrator.  Any refund you may receive will be based on an established refund schedule, not a pro-rated basis.  See the Certificate of Insurance for full details.