Travel Insurance

Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite

First-class travel insurance program for trips up to 31 or 62 days

Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite Travel Insurance Brochure

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Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite is the premier travel insurance program that offers top-notch services and benefits to travelers whose covered trip is cancelled or interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.


  • $30,000 coverage for trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption benefit of 150% of trip cost 
  • $50,000 coverage for emergency medical/dental expense 
  • $1,000 coverage for travel delay 
  • $2,000 coverage for lost/stolen baggage

Who the plan is designed for:

  • Residents of the U.S. and its territories, regardless of their citizenship, taking international/domestic trips 
  • Travelers who demand a top-notch trip cancellation program

Cruising on the open sea, strolling on a pristine beach, hiking through emerald green forests – whatever your choice of vacation, you’ve invested time and money in the planning of your trip. You’re looking forward to a relaxing and enjoyable time and you expect first-class service. Unfortunately, unforeseen events can quickly ruin your travel plans, and that time and money you spent may be lost.

If an unexpected event prevents you from traveling or an emergency illness or natural disaster interrupts your trip, there is Patriot T.R.I.P.® Elite (Travel Itinerary Protection) to provide superior protection by helping to protect your vacation from costly travel delay, baggage and medical expenses. 

With Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite, you may recover non-refundable, unused payments and deposits when a trip is cancelled or interrupted for a variety of reasons.  Benefits are also provided for travel delays, baggage delays, and emergency medical treatment while you’re away from home.

Separate from these benefits, IMG can provide non-insurance emergency travel assistance, such as helping you replace lost travel documents or lost prescriptions, emergency cash transfers, and legal and medical referrals when necessary.  All of these services are designed to make your trip as stress-free as possible.

You expect first-class service if the unexpected happens.  Make sure you have the premier protection you need with Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite.