IMG Europe Breaks New Ground with Launch of Enhanced GlobalSelect International Healthcare Plan

Apr 28, 2010

(LONDON) – IMG Europe Ltd, the European subsidiary of International Medical Group®, Inc. (IMG®), is pleased to announce it has enhanced its flagship product, GlobalSelect® International Healthcare Cover. The international health care plan is designed for expatriates and local nationals, and it is available to individuals and families of any nationality living, working or travelling worldwide.

“Customer feedback told us that clients like their loyalty rewarded, especially when they have not made a claim,” commented Carl Carter, Managing Director of IMG Europe.  “So among the many enhancements we made, we introduced a generous 15% No Claims Discount facility on all of the product’s sub-plans. It gives full discount after only one year, unlike other plans in the market that often require an insured to go several years to build up to a similar discount level.”

Some of the other notable additions to the product include:

  • A 15% introductory discount for all new applicants
  • Extended annual wellness benefits to include an annual sight and hearing test, as well as routine vaccinations – which have no impact on the aforementioned No Claims Discount
  • Political and security evacuation and repatriation benefits
  • Identity theft benefit
  • Out of country criminal assault benefit
  • Natural disaster evacuation and accommodation benefit
  • International access to a medical information service staffed by board-certified physicians, pharmacists and psychologists to help insureds with routine health related questions

The premiums are also exceptionally competitive in the marketplace. For example*:

  • Male age 29, HeadStart sub-plan with European cover, is £44.20 a month / £439.45 per annum – thus providing a viable international alternative to a traditional domestic PMI plan, particularly if he owns a second home in the sun.  Plus he has the freedom to receive treatment from any hospital, doctor or facility within Europe without the restrictions of hospital bands.
  • Male age 37 and female age 34, child age 8, Basic sub-plan, (now includes GP cover that does not have to be linked to pre or post hospital treatment), worldwide excluding USA cover, is £172.55 a month / £1720.40 per annum, and £209.95 a month / £2099.50 per annum on the Standard sub-plan.
  • Male age 35 and female age 32, child age 6, Executive sub-plan (includes dental and maternity cover), worldwide including USA cover, is £536.35 a month / £5365.20 per annum. Because of its independent third party network of over 500,000 doctors and clinics and 5,000 hospitals in the USA, IMG Europe has some of the lowest USA rates in the marketplace.

* excludes IPT as this is added based on residency

Since its launch in 2005, GlobalSelect has been at the forefront of the expatriate and international private medical insurance market. The fact it could provide cover for insureds at home and away meant it was one of the first products to ‘bridge the gap’ between domestic and international health care, in that it appealed to both expatriates and local nationals who may travel or have second homes overseas. Another major advantage was that in virtually all cases, an expatriate could return home between assignments and maintain continuous cover even when not an expatriate. Plus, a local national could also seek treatment overseas if a drug or procedure was not available locally.

By maintaining its leading features such as first child under 10 being free of charge, as well as the generous pre-existing and chronic condition coverage, and with the recent enhancements, the product remains competitive and flexible in the global marketplace.

“Expats’ needs are changing as assignments become more challenging and move farther afield,” noted Carter.  “Gone are the days where a ‘one size fits all’ old style expat medical plan will suffice. Expats need choice and flexibility of cover, and in many cases they are now looking for protection over and above that of traditional in-patient and out-patient costs.”

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