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Travel Insurance for Flights

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Travel Insurance for Flights

Flying can be unpredictable. When things go perfectly, you can travel thousands of miles in a few hours. On the other hand, a single mishap could set your plans completely off course. Whether the airline loses your bags, your flight gets delayed or cancelled, or a host of other unexpected issues, having travel insurance can provide financial protection when something goes wrong and makes your trip more expensive. As airlines experience increased booking volumes, staffing shortages, and other issues, there are a variety of travel insurance benefits that can apply specifically to air travel problems.

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How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost to Protect Your Flight?

The cost of an iTravelInsured travel protection plan is calculated by the level of coverage, the percentage of your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs, age, and other factors.

While many airlines will work hard to "make right" unexpected hiccups such as a flight delay or cancellation, not every company has the same policies in place to protect consumers' investments. iTravelInsured plans offer broad coverage and benefits that apply to your entire trip, not just the flight. With an iTravelInsured travel plan you can insure your entire non-refundable, prepaid trip cost including flights, hotel fees, cruise fares, tours, transportation, and more.

Flight Insurance Benefits

Trip Cancellation

Trip Cancellation is one of the main reasons to purchase travel insurance. When it comes to air travel, if an airline cancels your flight because of inclement weather and it forces you to cancel your trip (or other covered reasons), trip cancellation benefits would kick in. These benefits can help you recover the prepaid, non-refundable costs related to your airfare, hotel, cruise and more, up to a certain limit. Click here to learn more about what else trip cancellation benefits cover.

Trip Delay

The reasons for travel delays are more plentiful than ever: winter storms, hurricanes, lightning, mechanical issues, staffing shortages and more. When your trip is delayed for a certain number of hours due to a covered reason, Trip Delay benefits are triggered. These benefits can help you cover the expenses you take on because of a delay, like extra meals and hotel accommodations, up to a certain limit.

Missed Trip Connection

These benefits can provide reimbursement for the additional transportation costs necessary to catch up with your trip if you miss your trip departure for a covered reason. For example, if your flight is delayed 12 hours and causes you to miss the start of your cruise, Missed Trip Connection benefits could help reimburse you for the costs necessary to join the cruise late.

Trip Interruption

If you’re forced to end your vacation early or stay longer due to a covered reason, trip interruption benefits would kick in. These benefits reimburse you for unused, prepaid, non-refundable travel costs plus the additional transportation expenses required to get you home, up to a certain limit. For example, if you experience a death in the family or other covered circumstance and need to end your trip three days early, travel interruption benefits could reimburse you for the cost of a new flight home.

Baggage Benefits

If your checked baggage is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed while in the care of an airline, this benefit provides reimbursement up to a certain amount. Additionally, if your checked baggage is delayed by an airline for a certain number of hours, you can get reimbursed up to a certain amount for any necessary personal items you had to purchase while waiting for the baggage to arrive with baggage delay benefits.

Pet Kennel Benefits

Travel insurance may include many additional benefits than those listed above, including benefits designed to help you with your four-legged family members. If you have pet kennel benefits in your plan and an airline delays your trip home by a certain number of hours, you could get reimbursed for any additional kennel fees or expenses caused by the airline delay up to a specific amount. IMG’s pet kennel benefits were highlighted on Forbes’ list of best travel insurance companies of September 2022.

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iTravelInsured Travel SE

Family-friendly plan for domestic and international destinations


  • Family-friendly plan for domestic and international destinations
  • Trip cancellation maximum benefit up to 100% of trip cost
  • Trip interruption maximum benefit up to 150% of trip cost
  • Up to $125 per day per person to a maximum benefit of $2,000 for trip delay
  • $500,000 maximum benefit for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains
Trip Protection
Medical Benefits

iTravelInsured Travel LX

Robust plan with optional cancel and interruption for any reason benefits


  • Trip cancellation maximum benefit up to 100% of trip cost
  • Trip interruption maximum benefit up to 150% of trip cost
  • Up to $250 per day per person, $2,500 maximum benefit for trip delay 
  • $1,000,000 maximum benefit for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) / Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR) add-on benefit available (Additional cost and terms apply)
Trip Protection
Medical Benefits

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