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IMGE Introduces Unique GlobalFusion Plan

Apr 7, 2011

(LONDON) – IMG Europe Ltd., an award winning leader in the international and expatriate medical insurance market, today announced the launch of GlobalFusion International Medical Insurance.  This is a flexible international medical insurance plan that is available worldwide to expatriates and all eligible local nationals. The plan provides comprehensive, customisable international coverages suitable for individuals and families. The fully portable 24 hour cover can be tailored by applicants to accommodate a breadth of individualised needs. 

“GlobalFusion is a tremendous and exceptionally competitive addition to our product portfolio, and the industry as a whole,” said Carl Carter, Managing Director of IMG Europe. “This launch reflects the powerful integration between our flexible international cover options and the world-class services upon which our reputation for excellence has been established.  We understand that each individual and family has unique needs.  By providing clients with the ability to custom build a plan, we allow them to create an international medical insurance package that meets their specific needs.”

Flexible International Cover 
The plan range provides clients the choice to select from an assortment of coverage options, each with specialised covers.  To accommodate clients’ budgets, they can customise the length and area of cover with the choice to select from multiple annual excesses and premium payment instalment options. Flexible underwriting options are also available to help extend cover to those clients with more complex medical histories. 

Comprehensive World-Class Services
Among the wide range of international services GlobalFusion provides is the freedom for clients to choose their own provider, access to extensive global provider networks, access to IMG’s in-house medical team which assists clients in coordinating their medical care including medical emergencies, and the Medical Concierge program.  Carter commented, “We are enthusiastic about the addition of the unique and unmatched IMG USA Medical Concierge program to this product. This IMG service is a major advancement in assisting and informing insureds when they are trying to navigate the complexities of the USA healthcare system. When insureds are seeking treatment in the USA, the Medical Concierge program provides personalised service to them by giving critical and comparative information on provider quality ratings, treatment outcome and the cost of care prior to receiving treatment within the area where they are located. This unique service helps clients maximise the outcome of their medical care.  An added bonus is that there is a reduction in the Annual Excess by receiving eligible treatment through a Medical Concierge provider.”

GlobalFusion Highlights

  • GlobalFusion is fully FSA regulated and available to expats and all eligible local nationals
  • Four unique sub-plan designs available - Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum
  • Optional add-on coverages available: Global Personal Accident Plan, Hospital Income Plan, Maternity, Terrorism, and Sports 
  • Choice of two areas of cover (Area 2 - Worldwide excluding the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, or Area 3 - Worldwide) 
  • Family premium covers first two children aged between 14 days and under 10 years at no additional cost for the first year, and a 50 percent discount in year two
  • Available in GBP, Euro and USD, with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual instalment options
  • Significantly cheaper new business rates compared to the majority of the existing market
  • Single annual excess, which is easy for clients to understand and to administer 
  • The Gold sub-plan is exceptionally competitive and ideally suited for short to mid-term expatriates 
  • A certain amount of cover for pre-existing conditions is available even on the cheapest plan 
  • Freedom to choose any provider within the area of cover, including home country cover
  • Access to two extensive provider networks 
  • Medical Concierge Program within the USA 
  • In-house medical professionals to coordinate clients’ care, including 24 hour emergencies and evacuations
  • In-house multilingual customer service and international claims administrators
  • Access to an online customer service portal that allows insureds to obtain documents, view the status of claims, commence pre-certification and obtain details on over 17,000 hospitals, clinics and medical providers worldwide 
  • An easy-to-understand EU-style Policy Wording

Annual Premium Examples (Excluding IPT)

  • Silver sub-plan, Area 2 cover
    • Male aged 32 with £138 Annual Excess
      • Total Annual Premium = £350, or for Area 3 cover = £466
  • Gold Plus sub-plan, Area 2 cover
    • Male aged 44, Female aged 39, Children aged 5 and 8 with £138 Annual Excess
      • Total Annual Premium = £1781, or for Area 3 cover = £2376
  • Gold sub-plan (offers comprehensive benefits for three years and then a step down in some benefits thereafter)
    • Area 2 cover, Male aged 44, Female aged 39, Children aged 5 and 8 with £138 Annual Excess
      • Total Annual Premium = £1276, or for Area 3 cover = £1725