International Medical Group® (IMG®)

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IMG Member Care Programme

The IMG Member Care Programme is designed to provide top-of-the-line service to both members and employers for nearly all of your health care needs. Backed by Smart Seha, the programme’s benefits include*:

For members:

  • Unlimited and instant medical attention for non-urgent cases
  • Peace of mind for yourself and your family with a doctor in your pocket
  • Easy-to-use interface with the ability to upload medical reports and pictures
  • Self-management tools to empower you to track and manage your own health

For employers:

  • Healthy workforce with increased employee satisfaction
  • Decreased claims costs leading to decreased insurance premiums
  • Sick leave management
  • Set yourself apart as an employer of choice

Key Services

Ask A Doctor

The Ask A Doctor feature of IMG Member Care allows members to easily communicate with doctors online. Members can type a question, attach medical reports, and follow up with a GP or specialist. The Ask A Doctor network includes access to more than 20,000 doctors from 50+ specialties, so members can ask for an expert opinion on non-urgent cases or second opinions on existing cases. With a quick turnaround time, this feature provides invaluable access to expert health care advice anytime and anywhere.

Call A Doctor

Sometimes it's easier to talk to a doctor on the phone and tell them about your specific health concern. With IMG Member Care, members have 24/7 access to DHA-licensed physicians over the phone. Get connected to physicians who will assist you and dissolve the barrier of time, distance and resources in health care by bringing the doctor to you. If necessary, the doctor can refer you to the nearest facility in your network.

Preferred Dental Network

The IMG Preferred Dental Network provides members access to negotiated, discounted rates. This offers employees access to the top network of dental practices, including 15 of the top dental clinics in Dubai. Members pay 100% of the discounted rate.

Second Opinion

Second opinions can be life-saving. Our international second opinion service offers members the ability to have their diagnosis and/or treatment plan evaluated by leading medical minds across the globe. Each case involves a comprehensive medical review by a team of expert physicians to provide a collaborative and holistic review. Members can obtain an evaluation of their diagnosis along with a recommended course of treatment without leaving home.


*This is a summary of a selection of plan benefits offered only as an illustration and does not supersede in any way the Certificate of Insurance and governing policy documents (together the “Insurance Contract”). The Insurance Contract is the only source of the actual benefits provided.