PTOgo Travel Medical Insurance

Voluntary travel medical insurance for employers and employees

A proprietary survey conducted between IMG and Customer Benefits Analytics highlights a startling gap in the insurance marketplace: most of the 80 million Americans that travel internationally each year expect their employer-provided health insurance to cover them abroad. The truth is that many group plans don't provide international coverage, which is leaving employees dissatisfied and at risk of unexpected illness or injury when they travel.

With PTOgo, IMG’s supplemental travel medical insurance offering for businesses and employees, employers can close the coverage gap by offering employer-paid or voluntary benefits that are easy for companies to administer, simple for members to navigate, and that are cost-effective for both.

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  • $1 million medical coverage per trip
  • 24/7/365 global assistance hotline
  • Medical, security, and natural disaster assistance and evacuation
  • Customizable number of days of international travel medical insurance for employees, their spouses, and their children to take leisure trips abroad

Made for...

  • Employers / Business Travelers
  • Vacations / Holidays

Coverage Information

What is PTOgo?

PTOgo includes a customizable number of days of international travel medical insurance for employees, their spouses, and their children to take leisure trips abroad. Travelers with PTOgo will have up to $1 million in coverage per trip, with no deductibles or copays. PTOgo also includes access to a 24/7 global assistance hotline that offers a wide range of assistance services like emergency medical transport, replacement of lost prescription medications, lost luggage assistance, and more.

Why PTOgo?

Domestic health insurance typically only covers emergency expenses or provides no coverage outside one’s home country. Even if a domestic plan provides coverage for emergencies internationally, travelers are often required to pay out of pocket and then submit for reimbursement upon return. Submitting for reimbursement frequently requires translation of claims documents and currency conversion, but with employee-friendly services like medical guarantee of payments (GOPs) and international access to IMG’s medical staff, PTOgo provides coverage beyond borders and streamlines the employee-patient experience.

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