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2022 National Nurses Month

By Kate Ruddell | May 12, 2022, 09:35 AM

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the incredible bravery and importance of healthcare workers around the world has been on full display. As a result, the American Nurses Association declared that National Nurses Week would now be a month-long celebration in May, known as National Nurses Month. At IMG, we are thankful every day for our team of incredible nurses and medical staff, and we asked several of our nurses to share more about who they are and their passion for nursing.

Misty N. – Registered Nurse - 20 years of experience – Indianapolis, Indiana

Rob L. – Registered Nurse - 38 years of experience – Indianapolis, Indiana

Jennifer L. – Registered Nurse - 39 years of experience – Cardiff, Wales

Lynn F. – Registered Nurse - 40 years of experience – Indianapolis, Indiana

What do you do for IMG members?

MISTY: I would like to think my main role at IMG is to advocate for our members in what may be the most stressful time of their lives. From working medical evacuations to helping answer medical questions, I hope my voice and answers provide them with peace of mind.

ROB: My role as a Large Case Manager includes monitoring the treatment of members with large claims, working with providers to ensure all needed approvals are in place, assisting members in finding resources, and ultimately being an advocate for our members. It is very rewarding work.

JENNIFER: I work to make sure our members are receiving the most appropriate medical care in the safest place and then when they are able, fit to travel home.

LYNN: I work to make sure our members are able to receive the medication, procedures, and the care they deserve. I work with the IMG medical team to move members to the countries where they need to go and I have been blessed to help families find the care they need for their children or their loved ones. 

What was the most memorable case you worked on at IMG?

MISTY: In my almost seven years at IMG, it is difficult to choose one memorable case as there are quite a few that bring back memories and tug at my heart strings. I think rather my most memorable case is a compilation of all of them together because each one has taught me something to help with the next.

ROB: By far my most memorable case was an emergency medical evacuation in a developing nation for a member who was critically ill with a somewhat unusual condition.  We had to arrange a harrowing six-hour ride on a mattress in the back of a pickup truck to an airport, from which they were flown to a major medical center – and they survived!  A few years later I was on an airplane, chatting with my seatmate, when they asked what I did for a living.  They replied that their family member needed to be evacuated a few years prior and that they had benefits through IMG.  After hearing their story, it was obvious it was the same case that I had worked.  As to not violate HIPAA, I simply told them I already knew the whole story.  When we deplaned, the person telephoned their family, who told me firsthand what the recovery had meant to their family.  It was obviously one of the most emotional times of my life.  We stayed in touch and a few years later I got to meet the member and their family.  They were and still are very grateful to everyone here at IMG.

JENNIFER: Last year, I assisted a member that was in a car crash while they were abroad; they suffered serious injuries in what was a terrible accident.  I needed to speak to them and properly explain the entire situation, but due to the circumstances of the accident I didn't want to upset them and worsen their condition. The member was the most gracious and dignified person and managed to put me at ease, although they probably didn't realise they were doing this. They had been discharged from the hospital and within 48 hours they became unwell and it was me that they rang and asked for help and advice.  I got them straight back into the hospital and 2 weeks later I coordinated getting them safely home.

LYNN: There have been more than one, but one case that sticks out is when a member, who was near the end of their life, needed someone to help provide them the appropriate care for their remaining days. The member lived in a very remote area so I worked with the member and their family to find an appropriate facility for them to be admitted to, so that they could pass comfortably, with dignity, and in the presence of family.

What is your favorite part of your job?

MISTY: My two favorite parts of my job are that I learn something new every day and I am challenged to use my nursing degree on a larger scale at IMG.

ROB: My favorite part of my job is connecting with members.  It is said that nurses are with people when they are born, when they die, and for everything in between.  This is certainly true of my job.  I enjoy helping our members navigate the ins and outs of insurance as well as understanding their overall medical process.

JENNIFER: I enjoy speaking to the families, finding out about our members and organising plans to get them home.

LYNN: There are actually two favorite parts to my job---I learn more every day and I have discovered I can help people over the phone and around the world. In all my years of nursing, I have been blessed to meet so many people, both in person and virtually, that have inspired me.

What inspired you to become a nurse?

MISTY: I was inspired to become a nurse after a family emergency when I was 18. I wanted to give back to the nurses that I witnessed save a family member.

ROB: I was looking for a career that would involve serving others and would offer a variety of opportunities.  I came very close to going into Respiratory Therapy but am glad I chose Nursing.

JENNIFER: My little sister was ill as a child and in the hospital for around 1.5 years before she was 4.  As the big sister, I was always asked to keep an eye on her and she was ill until I was 9, so I suppose this career rubbed off on me without my realising.

LYNN: When I was 8 years old, I read a book about Florence Nightingale. I knew then, that I wanted to be a nurse who could help people feel better.

Thank you, to all of our nurses and healthcare workers. You always put our members first and continue to ‘Be There’ for them in every way possible. Your service and commitment are remarkable and we truly appreciate and recognize all that you do.

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