MP+ International

Worldwide employer-sponsored group health insurance for mission groups

Employer-sponsored group health insurance for mission groups of two or more.

MP+International® was designed to provide medical insurance to missionary groups by offering continuous coverage while overseas. We recognize that nowhere are stable premiums more important than within the missionary community. Our attention to this fact begins with our unique plan design. MP+International offers a wide range of worldwide benefits that follow missionaries wherever they go. At the same time, it is designed to encourage them to receive medical care overseas when feasible, where the cost of medical care is comparatively less expensive than in the U.S. Combined with other cutting-edge services like our Medical Travel Management program, MP+International benefits and services are positioned to help you and your members take more control of your health care costs, which lends itself to greater premium stability.


  • Worldwide employer-sponsored group health insurance for mission groups
  • Unique plan features that promote premium stability
  • Continuous coverage overseas and while on furlough
  • Direct billing to overseas medical providers

Made for...

  • Mission / Social Good
  • Employers / Business Travelers
  • Expats / Global Citizens

Coverage Information

Medical Management

The ability to access quality health care is of paramount importance when a medical emergency arises abroad. From routine medical care to complex case management, from check-ups to emergency medical evacuations, IMG is there to offer our expertise in cost containment and a unique blend of valuable services including:

Medical Claim Review

If your members have received a hospital bill, there is a reasonable bet that they have been overcharged. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Weekend Investor, 80% of all hospital bills contain errors (February, 2011). Most claim administrators have invested significant amounts of money incorporating claims auditing software in the claims system. IMG takes the claim review process one step further by examining the details behind documents submitted by the medical provider. Our auditors review all medical records to assure that all the services billed were actually delivered and delivered in the quantities billed.

Our goal is to assure that your members only pay for the services that were actually received by the patient.

International Comprehensive Care Management

Our medical staff will help coordinate care for your members who have highly complex cases requiring detailed management. These services may include assisting with:

  • Concurrent review and monitoring of services for medical necessity
  • Coordination of the hospitalization and any necessary post-discharge care
  • Transition of patient to a U.S.-based care manager upon return to the U.S.

International Utilization Management

Utilization Management is the process of determining whether the services delivered or scheduled to be delivered to a patient are medically necessary and appropriate. By using established medical guidelines, evaluation is provided for the medical necessity for hospitalizations and out-patient services and the appropriateness of the overall treatment plan

The key to successfully managing rising health care costs is early identification of catastrophic cases, and then taking action to manage those cases. Precertification is used as a key tool for this early identification of a patient’s entry into the health care system. This allows our medical staff to be proactive in working with both the patient and the providers assuring delivery of health care in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner. Precertification is not a guarantee of payment. It is only a review of medical necessity.

Prior to receiving treatment, members will need to precertify the following procedures to avoid a reduction in benefits:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Extended Care Facility
  • Home Nursing Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Inpatient Hospitalization
  • Interfacility Ambulance Transfer
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Surgery or Surgical Procedure
  • Transplant
  • Maternity

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  • "Although one hopes never to use travel insurance, IMG was a godsend throughout our ordeal. We couldn’t have done it without your continued assistance."
    Joan D. United States
  • "I took comfort in the fact
    that IMG had my back."

    Mark K. - United States

    While skiing in Chile, Mark, an IMG member, found himself on the brink of paralysis.