UnitedHealthcare Dental Plans

For Individuals and Families

Visiting the United States for months at a time could get you off schedule with your regularly scheduled preventive dental care in your home country. Travel medical insurance plans are designed for unexpected illness or injury, not routine preventive care, so investing in a separate dental plan can provide coverage for the routine services you need.

Through IMG’s partnership with UnitedHealthcare, you can purchase dental insurance, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, for individuals and families who are visiting the United States. All plans include coverage for preventive care (like routine cleanings and exams), plus varying coverage options for basic services (like fillings and extractions) and major services (like crowns and root canals).1 Depending on your issue state, dental plans that include coverage for vision and hearing may also be available.2 View the full benefits and details of available dental plans in the brochure or get a quote on the UnitedHealthcare website.

1Availability varies by U.S. state of residence. 2Additional premium applies.

Golden Rule Insurance Company is the underwriter of these plans. Dental benefits are administered by Dental Benefit Providers, Inc. Vision benefits are administered by Spectera, Inc. Hearing benefits are administered by UnitedHealthcare Hearing. See brochure for additional details regarding benefits, limitations, exclusions, and state variations.


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